QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks Training
Learn QuickBooks and industry-specific best practices from the company that’s implemented it within thousands of real businesses. Get tailored QuickBooks training for your unique business. Request a free consultation today.

Sample QuickBooks Training Topics We Offer
Every business and individual is different. We offer customizable QuickBooks training based on your needs and goals. Below are some example training course outlines.
QuickBooks Beginner Level Training
Prepare For Setup

Creating a New File – Detailed Set Up
Creating a New File – Express Set Up
Changing Passwords
Change Business Information
Change The Left Icon Bar
Company Preferences
My Preferences
Calendar Function
Customize Icon Bar
Back Up File
Chart of Accounts and Items

Account Types in Chart of Accounts
Create a New Account
Header and Sub Accounts
Chart of Accounts Flow
Item Types – Basic Overview
How to Set Up and Organize Your Items List
Customers Jobs and Vendors

Create a New Customer
Merge Duplicate Customers
Customer Type List
Create a New Job
Job Type List
Create a New Vendor
Vendor Type List
Merge Duplicate Vendors
Customize Your Forms

Invoice Basic Customization
Invoice Additional Customization
Invoice Layout Designer
Purchase Order – Basic Customization
Purchase Order – Additional Customization
Purchase Order – Layout Designer
Invoice and Accounts Receivable Basics

Create an Invoice
Receive Payment – Record Deposit
Create a Credit Memo and Apply to an Invoice
Create Credit Memo
Create a Statement
Collections Center
Accounts Payable Basics

Enter Bill – Rent
Enter Bill – Item and Expenses
Pay Bills
Print Checks
Create Vendor Credit and Apply to Open Bill
Gas Restaurants and Airport Expenses
Banking Basics

Write Check for Items and Expenses
Transfer Funds From One Bank Account To Another
Create Wire – EFT – ACH Payment
Void Check Without a Closed Period
Reconcile Bank Account to Bank Statement
Petty Cash
Which Checks Can You Use
Add Company Logo and Address to Printed Checks
Print Signature On Checks
QuickBooks Intermediate Level Training
Step Up your Set Up Knowledge

Install QuickBooks Enterprise
Update File to New Release
Register Your QuickBooks Software
Hide Company Files
Enter Beginning Balances
Class List
Set Up a New User
User Permissions in QuickBooks Enterprise
Print Role List in QuickBooks Enterprise
Set Up Online Banking Connection
Back Up vs Portable File vs Accountants Copy
Schedule Automatic Backup
Customize Your Centers

Customize Customer Center
Customize Vendor Center
Customize Employee Center
Company Snapshot
Chart of Accounts Done Right

Account Numbers
How To Sort Your Chart of Accounts List
Clean Up Chart of Accounts
Inventory and Services

Inventory Center
Inventory Items
Service Items
Group Items
Inventory Assembly
How to Use Discounts
Use Subtotals On Customer Transactions
Inventory Activities

Adjust Inventory
Update Your Price List
Update Sales Price – Mass Adjustment
Automatic Cost and Price Adjustment
Sales Tax

Turn On Sales Tax Tracking
Sales Tax Item and Group Set Up
Adjust and Pay Sales Tax
Communicating with your CPA

Create Accountants Copy
Accountant Activities in Accountants Copy
Receive Accountants Copy After Accountant Changes
Cancel Accountants Copy
More Customization – Custom Fields

Custom Fields on Items
Custom Field Overview
Customer Custom Field
Custom Fields on Invoices – Customer Custom Field
Custom Field on Purchase Order – Vendor Custom Field
More Lists for Better Tracking

Sales Rep List
Terms List
Payment Method List
Customer Message List
Ship Via List
Template List
Bill Rate Level List
Fixed Asset Item List
Vehicle List
Quotes Estimates and Sales Orders

Lead Center
Estimates Sales Orders and Invoices
Create an Estimate
Duplicating an Estimate
Create a Sales Order
Intermediate Invoicing

Memorize Invoice For Recurring Monthly Invoices
Choose Memorized Transaction to Enter Now
Progress Invoicing
Batch Invoices
Price Level List
Pending Invoices
Statement Charges
Accounts Receivable Scenarios

Use Undeposited Funds As a Default When Receiving Payments
Cash Back When Making a Deposit
Reimbursable Expenses
Finance Charges
Receive Payment – Client Overpays
Receive Payment – Client Underpays
Accounts Payable

Purchase Order for Inventory and Receive Inventory
Purchase Order to Track Services
Memorize a Bill For Recurring Expenses
Prepaid Expense Amortization
Check Payment Before Receive Bill
Loan Manager
Pay Bill By Credit Card
Print Bill Payment Stub
Change Amount of Bill After Paid
Record Credit Card Transactions
Credit Card Credit
Reconcile and Pay Down Your Credit Card
Payroll Set Up and Use

Turn On Time Tracking for Employee
Enter Payroll Service Key
Track Single Activity On Timecard Using Stop Clock
Payroll Preferences
Weekly Timesheet Entry
Payroll Set Up Interview
Batch Timecard Entry
Employee Set Up Manually
Print Timesheets
Set Up Payroll Items in Multiuser Mode
Set Up and Edit Payroll Schedule
Run Scheduled Payroll
Reports You Need to Know

Review of Standard Reports
Transaction Journal Information
Company Reports
Accountant and Taxes
Daily Sales Summary Report
Intuit QuickBooks Statement Writer
Sales by Rep – Cash Basis
Custom Reporting – Summary and Detail
Set Up Budget
QuickBooks Advanced Level Training
Advanced File Set Up – Importing Lists

Transfer Chart of Accounts to a New File
Transfer Items List
Transfer Customer List
Transfer Vendor List
Transfer Templates
Understanding Accounting

Invoice with Non-Inventory
Sales Receipt with Inventory
Bill with Non-Inventory Expense
Bill with Inventory
Invoice with Inventory Items
Cash vs Accrual Profit and Loss
Soft vs Hard Posts
Advanced Accounts Receivable

Customer Deposits and Down Payments
Track Retainage
Over and Short Accounts
Webstore Clearing Account to Track Online Sales
American Express Payment Received
Customer Credit Card Protection
Disable Customer Credit Card Protection
Advanced Inventory

Work in Progress
Enhanced Inventory
Average Cost vs FIFO
Turn on FIFO Inventory Valuation
Adjust Quantity on Hand FIFO
Advanced Review for Accountants

Client Data Review Feature
Set Up For Client Data Review
Accountant’s Center
Troubleshooting in QuickBooks

Undo Previous Reconciliation
Troubleshooting Bank Reconciliation
Troubleshooting Inventory Balance
Fix Accounts Receivable Report with Zero Dollar Amounts
Fix Accounts Payable Report with Zero Dollar Amounts
Re-sort Customer Vendor and Employee List
Verify and Rebuild Data
Check Your Error Log

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