QuickBooks Programming

Our custom QuickBooks apps extend QuickBooks beyond its core functionality, giving you a cost-effective alternative to switching to a larger, more expensive accounting system. Request a free consultation and quote today.


What We Do

Our QuickBooks programming and development services help solve critical business needs by extending and integrating QuickBooks beyond the box. This means more time spent using QuickBooks, rather than converting to expensive, over-developed accounting software packages, and a tailored solution that perfectly fits your business needs. We help our clients keep using QuickBooks as their business continues to grow.

When working with QuickBooks, we work directly with the database via the Intuit SDK using .Net development tools (C#/C++/VB.net). We are also well versed in PHP/Java/Javascript as well as most common DBMS (SQL). Some examples include:

  • Advanced Custom Reporting
  • Custom data entry screens
  • Manufacturing Extensions such as Work Order Processing/Planning
  • Materials Planning
  • Service Scheduling
  • Consolidations
  • Data collection (Bar Coding/RFID tags etc)


Integrate QuickBooks

If your company has a third party add on for estimating, order management, time keeping, customer management, or any other system, we can help you integrate the information you need into QuickBooks. Our experience with integrations allows us to push on the data that should be run in the accounting software vs the add on product.

We will first look for an off the shelf solution to tie to your QuickBooks file. If there is not a current solution we will work with you on getting the correct process set up to integrate your systems. How much time is spent rekeying in data into your QuickBooks file? We allow you to have direct integration to eliminate this unneeded data entry.

  • eCommerce (Big Commerce, OScommerce/Zen Cart, Magento, ASP.net, eBay, Amazon etc..)
  • Credit Card/Banking
  • POS Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • ERP Systems
  • DBMS (MySQL, MSSQL, Access, SQLite, Oracle etc)
  • Custom Applications
  • Any application that has a standard database format, file format or an API


Example Projects We’ve Completed

We have performed hundreds of custom QuickBooks development projects. The following list of applications and reports are available for sale with some initial configuration and customization required.

Bulk Build Assembly for QuickBooks
Creates Builds for anything that is below the reorder point.

Bulk Reorder for QuickBooks
Have reorder point, reorder quantity, preferred vendor, auto create PO’s, bulk editing & more.

Invoice Consolidation Tool
Consolidates multiple QuickBooks invoices into a single invoice.

Inter-company Reconciliation Tool for QuickBooks
Allows you to reconcile inter-company balance sheet accounts.

Job Cost Actual vs Estimate for QuickBooks
Pulls change order, pulls estimate vs. actual, percentage of completion, and cash flow per job.

Job Cost with Projected Labor for QuickBooks
Pulls Time data and shows Job costs before running payroll based on time data.

Point of Sale (POS) Interface for QuickBooks Enterprise
Point of Sale style front-end interface for QuickBooks Enterprise.

Signature Capture for QuickBooks Enterprise & POS
Capture a signature on credit card or invoice transactions – keep record for printing later.

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