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Our QuickBooks Desktop Courses range from Beginner to Advanced. We also offer CPE / ACE accredited courses for QuickBooks accounting professionals. Pay for one course at a time, or purchase an all access bundle and get full access to all QuickBooks courses plus any new courses that are added during your paid year. 


QuickBooks Course Bundle by Marjorie Adams

     - CPE ACE Get access to all of our online QuickBooks Courses for one full year at one low price. Includes all courses, quizzes, and certifications. 

     - Price: $499  $99

     - Number of Lessons: 152 

     - Duration: 22+ hours


All Levels QuickBooks Chart of Accounts by Marjorie Adams 

     - Learn how to set up your Intuit QuickBooks Desktop chart of accounts for simple, successful, and consistent financial reporting. 

     - Price: $75  $15

     - Number of Lessons: 8

     - Duration: 1.15 hours


Beginner QuickBooks Banking & Credit Cards by Marjorie Adams

     - Reconciling is one of the most important things to do in your business. This course takes you through reconciling and other bank related transactions. 

     - Price: $75  $15

     - Number of Lessons: 15   

     - Duration: 1.23 hours


Beginner QuickBooks Customers by Marjorie Adams

     -  This QuickBooks Desktop course takes you through customers & jobs and the other lists that go into to setting them up for efficiency. 

     - Price: $75  $15

     - Number of Lessons: 20 

     - Duration: 2.23 hours


Beginner QuickBooks Sales Workflow by Marjorie Adams 

     - Learn how to correctly set up your QuickBooks Desktop chart of accounts for simple, successful, and consistent financial reporting. 

     - Price: $75  $15

     - Number of Lessons: 25 

     - Duration: 3.23 hours


Beginner QuickBooks File Set Up by Marjorie Adams 

     - Set up your QuickBooks file for success! This course helps you understand the preferences you can have per user or on your company as a whole. 

     - Price: $75  $15

     - Number of Lessons: 20 

     - Duration: 4 hours


Beginner QuickBooks Items by Marjorie Adams 

     - This QuickBooks Desktop course will help you create and organize a good item list for effective tracking and reporting. 

     - Price: $75  $15

     - Number of Lessons: 13 

     - Duration: 2.2 hours


Beginner QuickBooks Vendors & Purchasing by Marjorie Adams 

     - In business managing your expenses is just as important as creating income. Learn how to record different types of expenses in QuickBooks. 

     - Price: $75  $15 

     - Number of Lessons: 31 

     - Duration: 3.30 hours    


Beginner QuickBooks Manufacturing by Marjorie Adams

     - CPE  ACE Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Studies in QuickBooks Enterprise - Build To Stock. CPE / ACE accredited course! 

     - Price: $199  $25

     - Number of Lessons: 9 lessons    

     - Duration: 1.51 hours


Advanced Importing Data Into QuickBooks by Marjorie Adams

     - CPE  ACE Learn how to import data into QuickBooks Desktop and use Excel to clean the data in preparation for importing. CPE / ACE accredited course! 

     - Price: $199  $25

     - Number of Lessons: 11 

     - Duration: 3.26 hours    


Advanced QuickBooks Enterprise Job Costing by Marjorie Adams

     - CPE  ACE This course covers how to get a stated labor value allocated to a job using QuickBooks Enterprise. CPE / ACE accredited course! 

     - Price: $199  $25

     - Number of Lessons: 3

     - Duration: 45 minutes





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