Importing List Data

Course Overview:

In this course, we will be demonstrating options for getting data into QuickBooks Desktop software (QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise).  We will also look at sample data from outside sources and how we can use excel to clean the data in preparation for importing it into QuickBooks. If you have ever wanted to learn how to do QuickBooks data conversions, this is a first step in that direction.


Instructor: Mr. Mohammad Aman Ahmadi

Field of Study: Computer Science & Applications

Delivery Method: QAS Self Study

Medium of Instruction: English

Number of Lessons: 11

Duration: 3.26 hours

Skill Level: Advanced

Content Review Date: June 20, 2020 (Date this course content was last reviewed and updated)



     - This is an Advanced course. 5+ years of QuickBooks desktop experience is required.

     - There is no advanced preparation needed.


Recommended for the Advanced Learners  Data Conversion: Importing Customer List, Vendor List,  and Open Summary Balances to QuickBooks.


Learning Objectives:

     - Differentiate between the 4 options and their format when importing lists into QuickBooks

     - Identify 6 Excel functions to assist in quickly cleaning up raw data in preparation for importing to QuickBooks

     - Assessment Grading Policy

     - This course has an assessment which must be passed with a score of 80% or higher in order to receive our certification. 

     - The participant is notified of the score immediately upon submitting the assessment answers. 

     - You may re-take the quiz an unlimited amount of times.


Course Expiration Date: Access to this course expires 1 week (7 days) from the original registration date. How to apply for this course, just register to our website then we will active you account to access to the course materials.  


Getting Started: For information on how to navigate our online course, we recommend watching our Getting Started video here.


Certificate of Completion: This course has a 50 transactions to records practically into QuickBooks which must be passed with a score of 80% or higher in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. You will be notified of the score within 5 days after submitting your QuickBooks Company file and receive an email with the score and mistakes. You may re-take the quiz an unlimited amount of times with 250 AFN exam fees.


Fanoos Affiliation: In accordance with the standards of the Fanoos Accounting Services,  regarding refund, complaint and program cancellation policies, please email us at or 


Course Outline: 

     - Prepare Customer and Accounts Receivable Fields1 QUIZ

     - Prepare Vendor and Accounts Payable Fields1 QUIZ

     - .iif File Format1 QUIZ

     - Import from Excel1 QUIZ

     - Paste from Excel1 QUIZ

     - Transaction Pro Importer1 QUIZ

     - Addresses In One Cell1 QUIZ

     - Duplicate Customers1

     - Multiple Ship To Addresses1 QUIZ

     - A/R Aging Import1 QUIZ 

     - Course Introduction - Importing Data Into QuickBooks SAMPLE LESSON 

     - Course Assessment: Importing Data


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